Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BlogLovin - Follow me!

So if you are somewhat new to the blogging world, like I am, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to remember all the blogs you love to read and follow.  And like me, you may not want them all delivered right to your inbox (of course you want this one delivered right...sign up for the emails...hint, hint) but you still want to know what's being said and you want to be able to check them out in timely fashion (we all only have so much internet time each day!)

Well my wonderful mother-in-law to the rescue again! She just introduced me to BlogLovin, which allows you to easily follow all your blogs in one place just by setting up a BlogLovin account.  You can even separate the blogs you follow into different groups - I've got a Fitness and Nutrition section, a Friends and Family, and so on.  I know some people were following blogs with Google Reader but I've been informed that's either gone or on it's way out but I do know BlogLovin lets you easily transfer over the blogs you currently follow on Google Reader to BlogLovin.  And no, I don't work for them! I just truly love the idea of anything that lets me read all the things I want to read each day, which is a lot, in the most effective way possible!

So check out BlogLovin and don't forget to follow Fat City Fit while you're there! And sign up for the emails if you'd prefer to get Fat City Fit right in your inbox!

What blogs do you follow?


  1. Haaaaa what blogs do I follow. Probably about 100? And I'm still in mourning over Google Reader. They killed it on July 1.

    1. I never used Google Reader, I actually didn't even know there were apps and websites for managing blogs until my mother in law told me Google Reader was going out! Such a cool idea and better (for me anyway), than having 100 blogs delivered to my email! - See more at: http://www.fatcityfit.com/2013/07/bloglovin-follow-me_2.html#sthash.SE6ToaLU.dpuf

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