Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DietBet - success and failure

The DietBet I participated ended yesterday and final weigh-ins must be submitted by the end of today. 

The good news, I lost the weight I'd set out to lose, mostly water weight gained from a few too many celebratory weekends! Nothing monumental but enough to get me feeling like me again. The bad news? I'm on the road for work right now and both the hotel I was in yesterday and the one I am in today don't have scales.  I'm in a very small town right now so even finding a gym that might let me use a scale as a non-member is impossible! 

It's frustrating that I've achieved the weight loss needed but can't cash in (or at least get back my initial payment!) because my job is preventing access to a scale. On the positive side, knowing I was a part of this helped me regain some needed focus after indulging too much. I am all for indulgences from time to time but too many and too often is what made me overweight in the first place and I do not want to go back there!

Would I do another one? Probably. But I'd need to know that I'd be able to fit both weigh-ins into my schedule because it is kind of disheartening to have worked hard and achieved my goal and not be able to complete the progress. 

How did everyone else do? Would you try DietBet? 

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