Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun - weird food combos

For today's edition of Friday Fun, I wanted to talk about weird food combinations people eat. I definitely have a few weird ones myself and today's breakfast prompted me to actually write about it and see what other odd things people are eating.

For breakfast, I had P28 Protein Bread with Simply Fruit jam and an hard boiled egg - I mean literally the egg was on the jam on the bread.  And it was delicious.  I  love sweet and savory together so it's not totally surprising that this is one of my odd combos!  I also really like cheese and jam melted on toast (it's always about jam!).  I used to really like cheese and onion sandwiches when I was a kid but now the idea of that level of onion-y-ness (can that be a word??) kinda horrifies me!  One of my very best friends swears by peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (not sure if she uses dill or bread and butter...I'll have to ask!)


(ok, the very fact that I found pictures of both peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and egg and jam toast suggests that maybe these combos aren't as weird as I thought...)

I read somewhere that combining odd foods can be a sign that your body is missing nutrients but I have a fairly diverse diet and I've loved these food combos in my most unhealthy states and in my healthiest states so I think I just really like sweet and savory kind of weird ways!

What weird foods do you eat? Any really strange combos or strange cravings?


  1. My weirdest one is toast with marmite & jam together on the bread. Which is essentially the same concept... sweet & savoury together. Any Brit thinks this is weird as all hell, as marmite is supposed to be eaten on toast with just butter. And anyone in Canada thinks I'm weird for eating marmite at all, so there's that too.

    1. As I was reading all I could think was Marmite is pretty weird on it's own and then you went there too! haha but I think it's all what you grow up with. Aussies seem to think peanut butter is weird (or is it Kiwis...maybe both) but then Vegemite or Marmite seems normal. I remember my mum making cheese and jam on toast so maybe that's where I get it from!