Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Healthy snacking - is it possible?

A lot of the time snacking seems to synonymous with junk food: sugar, salt, fat, fried, high calorie.  But does snacking have to be with this way? I know I have a bad habit of reaching for quick food when I get hungry and am not ready for a full meal but need a little something.  I often will grab a few peanut M&Ms (we almost always have these in the freezer, surprisingly not a trigger food for me but not a healthy snack either!) or a cookie or a few bites of leftovers.  But snacking like this often leaves me feeling unsatisfied and more prone to continue grabbing junky "food".

So how can we all snack a little better and benefit from snacking rather than derailing our progress? Here are couple tips:

1) Keep healthy choices in the house and unhealthy ones out.  Something as simple as not having junk snacks in the house can keep your from eating them.  And having healthy ones pushes you towards the healthy choice.

2) Prep your healthy stuff.  When you get home from the grocery store, take the time to cut up veggies and fruits and keep them at eye level in the fridge.  We tend to crave what we see.

3) Save high calorie foods for meals.  If there is a high calorie food you love, save it for a meal.  We tend to plan for higher calorie consumption at meals and if you're going to go big, sit down, savor and enjoy it - don't just grab it and go (which is how snacks tend to be eaten).

4) Time snacks.  Eat before you workout (carbs and protein) and after your workout (simple carbs and protein).  Make use of your workouts to burn off snacks.

5) Keep snacks between 100 and 200 calories. Anything bigger is a meal.

6) Include a good source of protein every time.  Protein builds muscles and keeps you full.

Here's another great read from Coach Calorie about managing snacks in a healthy way -

How do you snack? What are you snacking rules? Favorite snacks?


  1. Tip number 1 is key for me! Keep healthy snacks in the house (or in my office, which is where I snack more!). Keeping healthy choices at work really makes a BIG difference for me!

    1. I totally agree. If its not in the house, I probably won't go get it. Having easy, healthy snacks around makes choosing healthy stuff so much easier. I tend to snack in a hurry so not having to think is good!