Monday, July 8, 2013

Motivated Mondays - start the day with intention

There has been a ton of celebrating in my life lately - my mum's birthday, our wedding and honeymoon, my best friend's birthday, my birthday, Canada Day, passing my personal trainer certification and Fourth of July - a between all these fun times, way too much sugar, fried foods and alcohol.

After years of following the pattern of overindulging, then feeling guilty, then attempting to go on some extreme diet and amp up my workouts like crazy, I finally came to my senses and realized that what I do most of the time matters way more than I do some of the time.  So I am not starting this week by depriving myself of everything or swearing of all carbs or all sugar or planning insanely intense workouts.  I am simply setting the intention of a healthy week.

How am I setting that intention? My favorite way to kick off a healthy day (or healthy week) is to start with a good workout.  I personally like to do some fasted cardio first thing in the morning and some weights later on in the day but that's assuming it's a day where I have the time and the luxury of two workouts.  If not, I eat a little something and get one really tough workout done in the AM.  For me, getting a good sweat on in the morning puts me in the mindset to feel healthy all day and lets me forget any stress I may have been feeling about getting back on track after indulgent foods.  It creates a fresh start to a fresh day.

How else I am setting myself up for success? By stocking the house with only healthy foods - we picked up fruits (for sweet cravings), veggies (for everything) and the makings of quick but healthy and satisfying meals so we have no excuses not to eat healthy.

Lastly, I planned my workouts for the week.  This is the last week of my The Bar Method Austin groupon so my plan is to hit a class Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  I also have some heavier weight workouts planned for this days to really hit my muscles hard.  Wednesday is a long run day and Friday will be filled with travel as I head back to Canada for work so it's a rest day.

Failing to plan is planning to fail and I feel like this is especially true when you've been in vacation, celebration or holiday mode for awhile.  Give yourself the tools you need to have a healthy week - the food, the workouts and the intention.

How do you get back on track? What are you working out this week? What's the hardest part of getting back on track for you?


  1. Hardest part of getting back on track is getting out of bed in the mornings to exercise. I can do it after work easy, but getting out of bed for that morning run has been hard the past two weeks.

    1. YaYa R - that's funny because for me it's the opposite. I am total morning person and dragging myself out of bed to workout isn't too bad but trying to get a good workout in at the end of the day is next to impossible for me. I am big believer in getting the exercise in whenever works best for you - it's hard to keep up with doing something you hate!