Monday, July 15, 2013

Motivated Mondays

I'm back on the road for work so apologies in advance if there's no pictures in my posts or no links (the app for blogger is much finickier than the website).

After lots of celebrations and summer fun, I've been feeling a bit tired lately. I think richer food and more alcohol, combined with the strain of training for half marathon with an injury has gotten the best of me. 

After talking to my nutrition professor, I decided to make some (temporary) changes to my diet. I can't change much about my workouts with the SeaWheeze so close (although stay tuned for big chakras after the run!) but I can control my diet and sleep!

I'm going to take a few weeks off wheat and beef to help reduce inflammation (hoping to protect my knees and hips going into the half). I'm also taking a break from alcohol until July 27th (my cousins wedding). I'm also going to dramatically cut my sugar intake...cause I've been sweet-toothing like crazy lately! And lastly, I'm going to focus on alkalizing foods. I eat a lot of protein and protein powders (whey) and combined with environment toxins, and the Standard American Diet (SAD), a lot of us have acidic pH levels in the body. 

To preserve life, your body will always correct your blood's pH level first. If that's not right, you're dead! But after that, it's not so clear. If you're pH neutral, or slightly alkaline, you're all good. But if there's too much acid left after balancing your blood's pH level, you end up with acidic tissue and organs. And that's not great either. It won't kill you (not outright anyway) but its a major contributor to a whole host of illness (almost every major disease can be linked to acidity/inflammation and stress). 

So my plan is more veggies and fruit, less meat. More fibre (from fruits, veggies, konjac root and beans) and way less sugar. I'll be mostly avoiding alcohol. I'm also going to try Epsom salt baths - good for delayed onset muscle soreness and for removing acid from the body. And if I can find one near me, I'm going to hit an infra-red sauna, another great detox tool. Oh, and I'm going to take a pH test each week I'm doing this to see what changes. 

I love using my own body to experiment with things I'm learning about. We could all stand to be healthier and know our bodies a bit better.  

Are you acidic? Have you ever detoxed? Do you experiment with your own body? 

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