Monday, July 22, 2013

Motivated Mondays

Have you ever taken your workout to a competitive level?  Some people compete in fitness competitions, some people run races, some people enter weight lifting competitions, and others play sports.  I haven't competed in sports since I was a kid (I was an avid horseback rider as child until my parents stopped paying the bills!) but last fall, I did the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX.   The Tough Mudder is a 7-12 mile long run (in our case, it's 10miles) filled with obstacles taken directly from Navy Seal training (

Now the Tough Mudder is not a competition in the normal sense.  They don't time the event because the goal is completing the course, not skipping obstacles and helping the other participants achieve that same goal.  The only competition is with yourself.  For me, I did not setting a time goal, I just wanted to complete the race, including all the obstacles.  Just knowing that this big run was been looming in front of me all summer kept me motivated to lift heavy (you need tons of upper body strength), to run long and mix in sprints (for endurance, it's a half marathon length after all!) and to eat well.

After completing the Tough Mudder, I realized I was capable of way more than I thought I was.  It was then that I decided to run a half marathon and you all know how my first run (pun intended) at that turned out - not great! But now I am just a few weeks out from the SeaWheeze and any time I get intimidated by the distance, I just remember that I've already done 12 miles with obstacles, surely I an do 13 without!

Signing up for something, whether it be a race, a team event, or charity event or a competition can really keep you focused and motivated.   Setting a specific goal, especially if it's a goal achieved with a team, can serve as that extra push when you want to cut your workout short or when you think I can't possibly go further only to realize that yes you can!

How do you stay motivated?  Do you race or compete?

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