Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding Day!

Today is Wedding Day! No...not mine! That was 2 months ago.  No, today is my cousin Jaime's wedding! Jaime and I have been close forever - we're only a year apart, we've lived together on and off through the years, we rode horses together growing up and now we keep each other motivated to stay fit and healthy.

Today she marries her love, Rob, also a fitness junkie! I am so honoured to be a part of this big day.  Not all families are lucky to be as close as we are, she's really like a sister to me.  When I called her to ask her to be in my wedding party she laughed because she had been trying to connect with me to ask the same thing! Jaime has been working her butt off (literally) in the gym and it shows - I know she's going to look absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle to say I Do!

(Jaime is gorgeous blond on the right side!)

I said this about my own wedding too but one of my favorite things about living a healthy life all the time is that you don't have to diet down or do anything crazy before a big event.  You already look and feel great!  When I tried my bridesmaid dress on, I never thought "oh I hope I'm thinner before wearing this" or "maybe I can diet down to a smaller size" - I just looked like me in it, like I look every day.  So many women stress and starve and cardio their way to a smaller size for some big event only to gain all the weight (and then some!) back after.  Not only is this physically unhealthy, but it's mentally exhausting and depleting.  Choosing a healthy lifestyle all the time means you're always ready to get into a dress or a bathing suit and show your fit self off!  Do yourself a favor, don't stress about one day or one event - choose healthy food 90% of the time, work out hard 90% of the time and then sit back and watch your body respond to all the health you're throwing at it. Next time you have an event or a holiday or even just a Tuesday, you'll feel great without having to do anything but keep living healthfully.

I will be indulging a little today at the wedding but I won't be going crazy (can't be that drunk bridesmaid after all!).  And of course, tomorrow, I'll be right back on track (remember that 90/10 thing!).

Congratulations to Jaime and Rob and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and health!

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