Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Workout Wednesdays - SeaWheeze update!

SeaWheeze training update! Well we are one month out from the SeaWheeze half marathon and I have to admit, I thought I'd be running a bit further by now but at least my hip is holding up solidly!  I've been able to run longer distances, sprints and hills with no trouble (knock on wood).

But, total honesty here, I am hating it! I am sick of running! I thought I wanted to train for full marathons but I have to say, what I've seen of my body in terms of injuries, weight gain, metabolism issues and over-training issues, I don't think this level of cardio is for me.  I've never really taken a break from cardio in my training until my IT band forced me to.  I started out as a total cardio queen when I first started exercising and then slowly over time added lots more weights and reduced but never eliminated cardio.  When my hip injury forced me too, it was a real eye opener.  I lost weight! Not just water weight but actual fat - my body fat percentage went way down.  I worked out for shorter periods and ate more, and lost weight.  I lifted crazy numbers of reps (600+ some days) and never felt tired or over-trained.  With running, I am feeling over-trained, I feel hungry a ton and I don't look forward to my workouts.  Tons of cardio keeps your body in a constant high-stress state which results in high levels of the hormone cortisol.  The presence of cortisol signals to your body that you're in danger and as a result, the body holds onto fat in case of illness or famine (we've got a lot leftover from our pre-historic ancestors).  

I will finish the SeaWheeze because it's a goal I set out for myself but after that, I am taking a long cardio break! My plan is to follow something similar to the LiveFit program from but rebuilt for me (by me).  A month straight of just lifting, maybe some yoga or barre but NO CARDIO!  After that, I think I'd like to keep running at the distances I first enjoyed - 5 to 10Ks rather than the longer distances (and definitely no ultra-marathon!).

So here's to one more month of cardio training - running, bike, elliptical but since I am being honest, I can not wait till weights only month!

Are you a cardio junkie?  Have you ever eliminated cardio from workouts? What's your favorite workout?

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