Saturday, August 3, 2013

A week without tracking

This ↗ is kinda how I feel when I try to decide what to eat these days. I am so unbelievable used to looking up the calories, far, protein and carbs of everything that passes my lips. When I do eat out, I look up what's been entered in My Fitness Pal by other users so I can make a somewhat educated guess what is healthy and not get hit by a hidden calorie bomb (like pretty much every restaurant salad...). When I'm overly tired or lethargic, I'm used to be able to look at my food intake and see that I've had too much sugar or not enough protein. When I wake up with crazy dry mouth, I'm used to being able to check my sodium intake and know why I feel that way. 

The point of this month is to be able to use those naturally occurring signals, like lethargy, thirst, low or high energy etc to dictate healthy choices rather than following a stricter formula like meeting certain macro-nutrient goals. But I have to say, so far it's a hard transition! 

I have been tempted a lot this week to just quickly check the calories of an item or to write down but not enter into My Fitness Pal my food for a day just to "check in". I'm trying to resist - I really want to do this properly. I want to get away from the obsessive and use tracking as a check in point rather than a daily must-do. I know that I am aware of what's healthy and what works for my body and I need to learn to trust in that. 

Is anyone else a tracker? Why or why not? Have you taken a break? Do you ever worry that you obsess over food? 


  1. A question: Too much salt = dry mouth?

    Never been a tracker and sometimes I think it would be a good thing, as I know I just put stuff in my mouth sometimes. But somehow it seems like too much work to me. I wish you luck in this because you do know what's right for you as is obvious by your choices over the last few years.

  2. That was not Julia posting the above - I will have to figure out what I did wrong - it's Pam!!!