Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How I get free Kindness Cash for old shoes!

A few months back I talked about how I'd been asked to be an ambassador for KindRunner.com.  The timing was perfect because I was in desperate need of new sneakers as the ones I had been alternating between weren't right for long distance running - one pair was more of a hiking running shoe and the other pair had survived the Tough Mudder...barely.

(my old shoes, ready to head to a new home)

KindRunner.com has an awesome service called Custom Fit where running shoe professionals will help you find the perfect shoe but I didn't take advantage of this cool feature for this first purchase because I knew I was training for something big (the SeaWheeze) and I didn't want to change anything about my normal workout wear (I even refused to wear the SeaWheeze shorts during the run because I always, always run in Nike running capris!).  For my next pair though, I'll be hitting up Custom Fit because I want to move to lower profile, less supportive shoes and since this is a new style of shoe, I'm definitely taking the expert advice.

(the new shoes that carried me 13.1 miles)

And the best part, when I do go to buy my next pair (pretty soon), I'll have $10 of Kindness Cash waiting in my account at KindRunner.com.  Why? Because every time you buy a pair of shoes from KindRunner.com, they send you a box and return label for you to use to send back an older pair of shoes which they pass on to Souls4Souls or the MORE Foundation Group.  Those shoes end up in the hands of someone who truly needs them and you end up with cash towards your next pair of runners.

As I said, I am an ambassador for this great company (I want to have full disclosure) but I even if I wasn't, I would still use this site.  For one, I love online shopping! And because you can always return your shoes if they aren't right for you, it's ok if you don't love the pair you choose!  But you probably will, if you use Custom Fit!  I love the idea that old shoes that are cluttering up my closet are now going to someone who can truly use them.  And free money towards new shoes? Can't argue that!

Check out KindRunner.com next time you need shoes and feel free to tell them I sent you!

Where do you get your shoes from?

What are your favorite running shoes?

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