Monday, August 12, 2013

Motivated Mondays - SeaWheeze Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I kinda went into hibernation between work and a ton of nerves about the SeaWheeze.

This past Saturday, August 10th, was the big day: my first half marathon. I made no qualms about my lack of desire to actually do it as the day got closer. I was honest that I was hating training for it, that running was no longer fun for me and that I gave very serious consideration to bailing on the whole thing and just running the LakeWheeze (sponsored by Rogue Running) in Austin instead. I wanted to be home with my husband after being on the road for a month. I wanted to get back to weight lifting and protein instead of cardio and carbs. And frankly, I was just really nervous. I didn't trust my hip to hold up to 13.1 miles and I didn't trust myself or my cardio level to be able to handle the distance. 

But I'd made a promise to see this goal through. Not just a promise to myself, but to you, the readers who check in with me on the blog, to my mum, who supports and believes in my athleticism when I don't, to my mother-in-law, who seems to believe I really can do anything I set my mind too, to my step-dad who supports me always and helped me a ton with hip re-habbing info, to my friends who always remind me that I'm fitter than I acknowledge and to my husband, who loves me when I'm hangry (that's angry due to hunger!), who massages my hip till his hands hurt, who believes I can do anything and who despite having spent a month away from me, never pressured me to skip out on the run, even though it would mean I was home 3 days earlier. 

(rocking the Rogue Running SeaWheeze team shirt and fueling up in #proats - oats, protein powder, flax and cinnamon topped with a banana - and a bottle of Vega Pres-workout waiting to be drunk en route to the run) 

This is why I say set goals and tell others about them. It's how you enlist your supporters. Even the most die-hard fitness freaks like me have off-days, have "I can't do this" moments, have feelings of overwhelming doubt and have fears strong enough to paralyze.  In those moments when I was thinking I can't do this, it's too far, too hard, too scary, these are the voices I hear - the family, the friends, the supporters who believe when I don't. 

And, they were right! Not only was I totally capable of doing a half marathon, I ended up really enjoying it! Yes, it was hard but I knew had friends and family waiting with hugs and signs at the end (and bananas and chocolate chip cookies - my step-dad knows me pretty well!). I ran it under 3 hours, finishing about mid-way through the pack for women (a full 1.5 hours ahead of the final female finishers) and ahead of what I thought myself capable of doing. 

At the 19km mark, my hip really started hurting and I wondered if I could finish. But being so close, I reminded myself of what The Athletarian, one of my fav health bloggers had said, she was finishing this race even if her legs fell off! So I kept running. At 400 meters to go, I was struggling hard, but a kind man who'd finished already jumped back in and jogged alongside me, assuring me that the finish was right there and yes I could do it. The camaraderie was one of the things I loved best about the Tough Mudder and it was certainly alive and well at the SeaWheeze. It's an awesome feeling to accomplish a big goal along side a ton of like-minded people.
I'm so thrilled I didn't back down. I'm even happier that my hip held up and despite being a little stiff yesterday, actually felt fine by the next day. I'm looking forward to more weight training and a much needed cardio break. This has been a truly amazing goal to achieve and I'm glad it's done!  

(And I am now the proud owner of these a size smaller than I used to be!)

Oh...and around the 7 mile mark, I became very sure that I'll do this again (some day)!

Did you run this weekend? What's your longest distance? Did you know that my sneakers are only a few miles from being sent back to for a kindness cash and fresh sneaks?


  1. So proud of you for seeing it through. It would have been easy to just do the Lake Wheeze, or nothing at all, but every time you commit and finish it makes the next time a little easier and damn it feels good too. (by the way I tried hangry in scrabble last night it it was rejected! It seems like just the perfect word somehow - need to get it into the dictionary of acceptable words)

    1. Thanks Mum! You were spot in that I would have really regretted it had I bailed on this run. And knowing that I can do it, and with a healed hip might even enjoy it, is priceless!

  2. Congrats Julia! Whether you love running or not, a half marathon is a huge accomplishment :)

    1. Thank you! It feels great having done it...and I pretty much already agreed to do it again next year with someone!