Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivated Mondays - back at it!

Well it's been a week since I got back into weight training and away from cardio and I have to admit, I already feel like running again! So I guess it was just nerves and worry about my IT band that kept me from enjoying the SeaWheeze training process.  I still am not ready to say I'll run more than a half marathon (although maybe I will), but I could definitely see myself doing the odd half marathon again. I do think I'll mostly stick with training for faster 5 and 10k races because the changes I felt in my body when I switched to marathon training just wasn't pretty! But I like knowing that my body (and mind!) are capable of way more than I thought!

It's been great being back to weight training but I've had a way harder time cutting back on carbs! Last weekend I was so ready to be done with carbs and get back to veggies and protein but man do I have a taste for carbs after all that carb loading! And cutting back and getting back into my high protein normal meals hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be.  Not tracking has also made the transition back to protein much harder - I am used to seeing in black and white when my sugar and carbohydrates are too high but without that visual reminder, I notice myself choosing sugary carbohydrates more than normal.

My goal this week is to really focus on eating lots of protein, healthy fats and weaning myself off my carb addiction! When I am not doing any cardio, never mind tons of running, I don't really need very many carbs (no, I am not an Atkins proponent, or even strict Paleo - I've just been experimenting with my body long enough to know what works and makes me feel great and what doesn't.  I don't suggest anyone just blindly mimic what I do).

 (what I started my protein filled day with - 1 egg, lots of egg whites, left over yams, onions, peppers and tomatoes and of course, srirachi poured all over!)

On the motivating side, I felt muscle soreness from so much lifting last week and honestly, I have really missed that feeling! I love knowing that I am tearing and growing new muscles. I felt a bit scrawny after the SeaWheeze and while I loved taking some fat off with all that running, I did not like losing my muscle mass! Already I can see muscles popping again and personally, that's a look I love.  I know it's not for everyone and as I do with food, I suggest experimenting with your own body and seeing how it responds to different training so you can create a body you love (well, you should love your body already...but we can always achieve more!).

How is everyone staying active this week? Any tips for cutting the carbs back out?  What's the longest race you've ever run?


  1. I've gearing up to run my first marathon in November so this week is full of running. I've only run as far as a half marathon before so sometimes it seems like an utterly nutzo undertaking :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good luck in November!! I think the challenges and goals we set for ourselves that seem nutzo are the ones that end up being by far the most rewarding. I had never run anything before the half marathon - I ran for fun, I'd walked a charity 5k and did the mudder which was a whole other beast, bit never so much as a 5k race so I can relate to how you feel heading into a new longer distance! I'm sure you'll do great! Thank you for reading and commenting!