Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivated Mondays: Tips and Tricks - Gym Motivation

Since my motivation has been lacking a bit lately, I thought now would be the perfect time to start a new segment that focuses on the littlest, easiest things you can do to make fitness and health fit into your life better.

So our new segment starts today - Tips and Tricks.  I"ll be writing about the little things you can do daily that add up to big results for health and fitness.  Today's focus will be on Gym Motivation! Who hasn't had a day where getting into workout clothes and driving or walking your butt to the gym seems like too much? (for me personally, I wear those LuluLemon tata-tamer bras, it's like a workout just to get into those things and that thought alone will sometimes make me procrastinate going to the gym...just kidding...kind of).  But don't you always feel better when you go and get your sweat on?  So here's 5 tips and tricks to get it done!

1) Choose a gym/sport that you like and that's convenient.  You won't go otherwise.

2) Layout your gym clothes beforehand (some people go as far as to sleep them in.  I can't do that, the sports bra would feel too claustrophobic but whatever works for you).

3) Have a playlist you love already loaded up - don't waste time searching for the perfect energizing music!

4) When you're doing your weights, count down rather than up in your reps - it's a simple mind trick that can make the last few lifts feel easier.

5) When you really, truly don't want to go, commit to going for 10 minutes.  If you truly want to leave after 10 minutes, that is probably not a lack of motivation but rather your body saying Hey, I need a rest!  But the odds are good that once you're there, in the outfit and surrounded by others sweating and going hard, you're going push through way more than 10 minutes!

How you push yourself to workout when you don't feel like it?

What are your gym motivation tips and tricks?

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