Monday, August 5, 2013

Motivated Mondays

I talk a ton about goal setting here as a way to provide motivation. Another great way to stay motivated is to tell other people about your goal. That's what's keeping me going this last week headed into the SeaWheeze. 

I've got to be honest, I haven't enjoyed training at all this time (I loved it before I got injured last time I trained for a half). I'm not sure why exactly - it could be that I've had a chance to see that less is more when it comes to how my body responds to cardio. It could be that my hip isn't 100% still and that worries me and prevents me from pushing myself. It could be that I've just been away from home too long and the three extra days I'll be away to do this run feel like an eternity right now. 

But, I set this goal, I owe it to myself to see it through. I also owe it to all my readers who come here for advice and motivation. What kind of fitness motivator and supporter would I be if I can't push myself through the hard times? My own mum called it out - she says re-read your own posts, find motivation and live up to what you've told your readers and followers you'll do. And she's right. 

If I get on a plane home early and ski it, even if I ran the LakeWheeze at home instead, I'd regret it. I'd have a hard time "facing" y'all on Monday. And of have to admit defeat. I hate defeat, especially if its a result of not truly trying. So come Saturday, I will be running the SeaWheeze. It may take me forever it I will do it. And then I'll be on the first plane  home, knowing I stayed to true to my goals and to myself. 

How do you push through? Anyone else running the SeaWheeze? 

(Sorry about the basic formatting and lack of pics, I'm in the road with just an iPhone). 


  1. I could use a little of that motivation today - spent way too long writing an exam I've been putting off because the materials are just slog to get through. I truly believe if you are putting something online then make it easy to navigate! Anyway, I've spent several hours on that now and done not much else - so taking a little motivation from you I'm going to pull out the reformer or go for a long walk...either way I'll feel better and that's what really counts.

    1. What exam? I agree, online stuff should be well presented - the Internet is too sophisticated at this point for stuff not to be easy!

      Thanks for reminding me that I'll regret it if I don't follow through - guess we all need a push sometimes!

  2. Good luck this weekend Julia. When you get back you will have to help me stay motivated with my rehabbing! Jan

    1. Thank you Jan! Definitely we'll keep each other motivated - about to post my SeaWheeze recap - thank you for all the love and support!