Friday, August 23, 2013

No motivation - now what?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about healthy food to cook, workouts to do, how I want my body to look and what I want to with my business.  The problem is I've only been thinking - I haven't been doing!

Except for my workouts, which (surprise surprise) I've been super dedicated to, everything else has felt like a huge struggle lately.  Some of what's causing it to be difficult right now is some choices I am making that don't jive with putting my health and growing my business first.  Those are the things I can and have to change myself.

But part of the issue is plain and simple, no motivation.  And I can't just make myself feel motivated (as my friend Heather and I always say, feelings are never wrong!) but I can choose how I act.  This is where I believe discipline and determination come into play.  Discipline is doing what you need to do, not just what you want to do.  Discipline is doing what will benefit you in the long run, instead of what makes you feel good right now.  Determination is the decision that your goals are important enough that even when you can't quite see them, you know they are there and you know you have to keep moving forward to reach them.

Until my motivation comes back in full swing (please come back!), I am going to use the discipline I've cultivated over years of eating healthy and working out to get even fitter and I am going to build discipline in my school work (an area I've never been disciplined about before) to keep going forward.  I have specific goals I want to reach and although I may not be my best cheerleader right now, I can be my own trainer - pushing myself when I don't want to push, challenging myself when I don't feel up to the challenge.

When motivation fails, you better have discipline and determination to fall back on!

Have you ever totally lost motivation? How did you find it again?

How do you define motivation versus discipline?


  1. It's so hard to get motivated without a specific goal. I have found this lately myself as I can't seem to figure out the next goal. I normally have something I'm working towards in my skating but right now there's nothing so we go and I skate but tree are days when I don't know the "why". I wonder if I'm letting the age thing get to me thinking that perhaps I'm just doing it to keep going rather than to be stronger, faster, better. Is that a bad thing? Shouldn't it be fun no matter what? As the new season approaches I'm wondering what's the goal?

    1. I think that's exactly what I am dealing with too. For so long there has been a goal right in front of me - the tough mudder, my first half, then re-habbing instead of the half, then the SeaWheeze and now without something specific to work towards, I find myself with good intentions but a lack of follow through.

      I'm struggling between picking a new goal or focusing on fitness as something that doesn't have a goal but rather is a way of life - and that when one thing that I do athletics-wise isn't making me happy or isn't challenging me or stops being something I look forward to, then I can simply pick another thing to do instead. Like I have been with food,I want to get to place where I just act fitness/health minded all the time naturally without having to think about it and I wonder if having a goal clouds that a little. Who knows!