Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eat like a man??

My cousin just married a very fit army man who has an insane ability to put away huge amounts of food, meat and bread in particular. This brought up the conversation of why people gain weight in relationships and marriage. As women, we tend to do a lot of the cooking and we often like to eat with our families (crazy I know! Haha) but all too often that means we match our portions to the men in our lives. Add the extra dinners out and shared desserts and it's a recipe for weight gain.

In a previous relationship, I really struggled with this. I would cook dinner and split it between two plates even though my boyfriend at the time outweighed me by about 40lbs. And I was no where near as active or muscled as I am now. I easily gained weight and this is a huge part of how I ended up at Weight Watchers. 

Portion is probably one of, if not the biggest factor in maintaining a healthy weight. And when we match men's portions, we are almost always overeating.  There are times when I've worked out like crazy and really do need more food than my husband but more often than not, he needs more and I need less. Simple as that.

My cousin goes as far as occasionally eating separately from her (now) husband so that she's not tempted to eat like he does. I usually just take a smaller portion and leave my husband to serve himself so I'm not tempted to match his portions. Whatever route you choose, it's the rare couple that has the same caloric or macro-nutrient needs so while there's lots you'll want to share with your partner, keep your diet and portions your own. You'll be glad you did when don't gain that happy relationship weight! 

(an old instagram photo I posted showing different meals for different family members - no I don't do the short order cook thing, yes I do put value my health enough to make a few different elements to a meal)

Do you and your partner eat the same foods? Same portions? 

Have you gained/lost weight in relationships? 

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