Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I don't want to wheeze!

This is a post I wrote in the week leading up to the SeaWheeze and the timing was never right to post it.  However, I think knowing how it turned out (that I LOVED doing the SeaWheeze and challenging myself to go 13.1 miles) it's worth looking back on how hard the road can seem some times when we set big goals. Whatever your big goal is, know that in some moments, it isn't going to seem worth it or even possible.  In those hard moments, use your support network to push you and remind yourself why you wanted to reach this goal in the first place...you're probably closer to the finish line than you think!  Here ya go - my week leading up to the SeaWheeze:

My complicated relationship with the SeaWheeze continues! Originally, I had planned to return home at the start of August before returning to Vancouver for the SeaWheeze on August 10th. Some changes in work schedule resulted in me having to stay in Vancouver from July 13 to August 11, after the SeaWheeze.

And I'm homesick. Really homesick. I want to go home and just run 13.1 miles on August 10th at home. Rogue Running is even sponsoring a LakeWheeze - 13.1 miles around Town Lake for Austin runners who can't make the SeaWheeze in Vancouver. 

Aside from 2.5 very busy days in Toronto, I haven't been in the same city as my husband for 2.5 weeks and if I stay for the SeaWheeze, it's another 2 weeks until I see him. And that's so hard. We're that couple that drives everyone crazy by being so clingy and affectionate and being apart is brutal. Knowing he can't be at the finish line of my first half is so hard. 

But...I wonder if I will really, really regret not finishing this goal. I would run the LakeWheeze if I choose not to stay for the SeaWheeze but I wonder if I will simply end up regretting it and want to actually properly finish this goal. And that means another round of training for something I realize doesn't really train my body the way I like. 

Has anyone else ever felt like this? Which do you think I'll regret more - more time away from home or skipping the SeaWheeze? What would you do??

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