Monday, September 30, 2013

Motivated Monday - When did you become "fat"? Part 2

So if as young as 7 years old, I'm thinking I'm fat, how can I move past that? How can I (or you) get to a place where we aren't criticizing ourselves all the time, where we can look in the mirror and see our reality, not our criticisms?

Kids as young as five go on diets. And yet we're getting fatter as a nation. Find me a woman who hasn't been on a diet and I'll show you a liar. And yet, obesity rises. Our parents and grandparents didn't diet as kids. In fact, ads from 50-70 years ago sell products for weight gain. What are missing here? Could something as simple as self love and self acceptance be a huge factor?

I didn't truly get my weight under control until I stopped calling myself fat (yes I slip up and say it still, but I'm aware and correct myself often saying I'm not fat, I just feel fat for me). I used to tell myself run fatty when I wanted to push myself longer during a run. But I never pushed past the 5k mark. When I told myself you can go further because you are strong and fit, I ran a half marathon. Anecdotal evidence, yes but true none the less. 

When I stopped pinching fat in front if the mirror and obsessing over every calorie I took in, I lost weight while eating more. I lost fat. I was happier. I worked out to challenge myself not to punish myself or to "earn" calories so I could eat. I had greater muscle gains, more fat loss and most importantly, I enjoyed working out. 
When I stopped keeping myself at 1200 calories a day and instead fueled my body for the life I lived - active, physically demanding - I felt better and I looked better. 

I loved myself enough to treat my body well. And my body shows that now. 

I wonder often how much struggle I could have avoided had I not thought in grade 3 "I'm fat". 

When did you decide you were fat?

Have you improved your self image? 

How can we focus society on health instead of weight? 

To be continued...

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