Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivated Mondays - Hit the the Treadmill Running!

For last 30 days, this has been me:

Today marks my first day back to cardio after a self-imposed month long cardio break post-SeaWheeze (ok, I admit, I hit the treadmill for 10 minutes once and the bike for 20 minutes on a rest day...for a reformed cardio junkie, that's pretty good!)

This morning I woke up looking forward to my fasted cardio (cardio performed on an empty stomach) and it reminded me that once you have a workout plan solidly in place and you aren't worried about falling off the exercise bandwagon, you not only can but you should take the occasional break from exercise. I'm not saying skip everything you like to do but don't be afraid to take a few days or weeks off, your body isn't going to destruct overnight and what I've found is that these longer rest periods really allow your body to recover and come back stronger.  For me, my mind is also in a better place when I let myself take the odd break without worrying about gaining a pound or two.  I don't recommend taking week long breaks when you first get into a program, it's too easy to fall off and stay off the wagon. But once you are comfortably and consistently in a workout program, trust yourself to take a break and still come back to your workouts, stronger and better rested.

Have you ever taken a long break from workout out? Was it hard to come back?

What's your favorite cardio?


  1. I found after a big race it can be nice to take a break and heal up. Long as I don't leave it too long. So I find keeping other races booked means I can't get too far off track.

    1. Yeah, I definitely needed to rest my hip but I'm ready to tackle the next thing now. I'm contemplating the original half I was going to run pre-injury (Austin 3m half) in January as my next race.