Monday, September 16, 2013

Motivated Mondays - time to stop eating!

Ok, I don't really mean I am going to stop eating! But this Friday marks the switch from bulking (increasing my caloric intake to add muscle mass) to cutting (reducing my caloric intake in a careful way to remove fat while preserving my new muscle).  This is my first time doing such a deliberate bulk.  I have been working out consistently for over 10 years but I have been really serious about weight training and bodybuilding for about 2 years.  I personally believe in leaning out before bulking up unless you are naturally thin (which I am SO not!) so far the past few years, I have been building muscle but not with a bulking program and always while focusing on reducing fat.  This was the first time I focused only on building muscle and didn't worry if I added a bit of fat at the same time.

It's going to be a big switch come Friday! I feel like I have been eating non-stop lately...seriously, I ate a foot-long grilled cheese sandwich yesterday! I mean WHAT? Is that necessary? Yes, to hit my macros, it was, but still! While I am not cutting my calories hugely come Friday, I am switching to much more protein and much less carbohydrates (good bye daily ice cream snacks, hello chicken).  So for the next 4 days, I will be lifting heavy and hard and enjoying the extra carbs while I can and then, it's cutting time! My husband is the lucky one because I go back to flying on Friday so I'll be out of the house for the first two weeks of the diet (when hunger is likely to be the worst) - apologies in advance to my mum, step dad and all the passengers who cross my path while I'm hangry (that's angry due to hunger)!

(this is exactly how I've felt for the last 6 weeks)

Quick side note here - yes I am dieting slightly in that I am cutting calories.  What I have been doing with bulking and will continue to do with cutting is manipulating my calories and macro-nutrients in a very specific way to achieve a very specific body type.  This is not what I advocate for people just wanting to get a bit healthier or lose a bit of weight.  In those cases, I think you need a plan that you can easily maintain all your life and most of the time, that is how I eat.  So again, this type of eating and training is for specific purposes, not necessarily as a way of life which is you should find your own long term eating program (need help with that? Email me for personalized plans).

Have you ever done cutting/bulking?

What are your favorite "cheat" foods?

Do you love ice cream as much as I do?

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