Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Check In

How's everyone doing today?  I started IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) today and after calculating my marcos, as well as the recommended caloric intake for me during a bulk, I can't believe how much food I am supposed to be eating!  It's over 2000 calories a day! Now, I have always been someone who does not believe in eating when you're full because I believe it dulls your body's natural ability to alert you when you're full and should stop eating.  However, I also think that for me, and lot of other people who've been on the weight loss train for years, I have learned to function even when really hungry.  Sometimes I am not clear if I am not hungry or if I am just used to being a bit hungry all the time (not that a little hunger will kill you!) so I am going to try to find the balance between eating more to fuel muscle growth and prevent/repair any metabolic damage from years of calorie restriction and not overeating just because my macros say I can.

What are you eating today?

Did you set new goals for new season/new school year?

Have you tried IIFYM?

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