Friday, September 20, 2013

The return of REAL fitness!

Great news for the serious fitness ladies - Oxygen magazine has been bought post-bankruptcy and will begin publications again! Subscribers should start receiving issues again in November!

I, for one, can not wait! Since Robert Kennedy Publishing (RKP) declared bankruptcy 2 months ago, I have been making do with less than stellar women's "fitness" magazines (see here for my opinion on most women's magazines dedicated to fitness).  There are few other great fitness mags out there for women (Muscle and Fitness HERS, FitnessRX for example) but a great many of them are glorified fashion magazines with really ridiculous workouts in them.  The workouts involve 3 pound weights (which unless you are doing really high rep stuff like Barre, and you understand that high reps like that are cardio not muscle building, are pointless) and they have you doing overly complicated moves that aren't going to get you the results you want.  The focus is always on these really intricate programs that barely have you moving or lifting heavy weights.

(seriously...what is this? If doing a move with heavy weights would be impossible, skip the move! 
You're doing glorified dance cardio with weights)

Real progress comes from pushing your body past it's current constraints. I am not saying there is no point going to the gym unless you're lifting at least 100lbs.  Not at all.  Any trip to the gym will benefit you but so many women's fitness mags sell quick fixes - abs in two weeks, drop 20lbs this month etc etc etc and they miss the health, the real muscle gains and the reality that most of this hard work will only show if you eat well. Again, I don't want to knock anyone going to the gym for any workout, but I do believe that after motivation wears down, it's progress that keeps you working out and workouts like these won't give you the results that keep you coming back for more.  I hate seeing how many women waste time at the gym, get no results and then quit!

I also loved that Oxygen (and Muscle and Fitness HERS, FitnessRX) pushed heavy lifting, HIIT cardio, eating well and eating often.  The focus wasn't on beauty or "toning" (which by the way isn't real thing - what makes you look toned is muscle mass with limited body fat), it was about challenging workouts.  Personally, I am thrilled to see them coming back and hoping for lots of hard hitting workouts and clean eating recipes!

What magazines do you read?

What kind of workouts do you like to see in magazines?

Do you subscribe to any health/fitness magazines?

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