Monday, September 23, 2013

Time to tone up!

I don't know why I went with the word tone. I hate the phrase tone up. It's overused by "fitness" magazines wanting to sell the idea that you can lift 3lb weights and do a couple yoga moves and you'll get thin and curvy with muscles. You won't. The only way to be toned is to have a high muscle mass with low body fat.

But I digress. Friday was the first day of cutting for me. If you've been following, you know I was eating extra calories to build more muscle mass in the 1.5 months since the SeaWheeze half marathon. And while bulking was fun (extra calories, carbs, a few extra indulgent meals...Chick Fil A happened...) it's time to get to work on leaning out now. Cutting, a term used in bodybuilding, is when you lower your calories and generally also lower carbs while increasing protein, to remove fat while preserving muscles. 

In my case, cutting isn't drastic. I'm starting at about 1700 calories a day which is more than most women eat on a regular day but I've spent the last year repairing my metabolism so I can eat more and still stay lean (long gone are my days of 1200 calories!)  

The first day of my diet happened to coincide with my going back to work as a flight attendant. My whole day was spent on planes and in airports. Is that a reason to say ah forget it, diet starts tomorrow? NO WAY! I planned ahead - enough for 3 meals with some snacks along the way. 

Here's meal 1:

I put oatmeal, oat bran, chia seeds, cinnamon and protein powder in an empty PB jar and added water once I got on the plane. No liquids, no problem at security! Not pictured - a super squishy plum that was too messy to photograph!

Meal number 2 was partly from home too. A peach with non-fat Starbucks latte. A small meal like this can filling if you choose a mix of carbs (milk, peach) and protein (milk). A little fat would be good and in retrospect, I should have opted for full-fat milk. Old habits die hard! 

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