Thursday, September 26, 2013

When did you become "fat"? (Part 1)

I put fat in quotations because I don't mean to ask when did your BMI move into the overweight or obese category. I'm not asking when a doctor said you might want to lose a few pounds. I'm not even asking when someone else first told you were fat. I'm asking when you decided you were fat.

I have a very clear image in my head of being in 3rd grade with two of my friends. By that point, we were already getting into a bit of girl drama (3 girls will do that) and we'd compete to have the coolest shoes or to be at the centre of our little group, somehow slightly more important than one of the other girls. Who was cooler or more important or more popular was always changing so we were always kind of competing. I vividly remember lying on our stomachs, resting on our elbows, on the floor for some school activity. I noticed my other two girlfriends had no skin or fat sticking out around their bony elbows. I had skin or fat or whatever it is. Bend your arm and look at your elbows - that totally normal movement of skin pushing out around your folded elbow is what I'm talking about...yeah, not a big deal.  But at the time, it was. It was the first time I thought "I'm fat, they're skinny". THIRD F-ING GRADE! 

To be continued. 

Is it any wonder this is still something I struggle with?

When did you become "fat"?

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