Thursday, October 17, 2013

If you have nothing nice to say... (part 2)

Continuing from yesterdays post about not saying anything about other people's bodies if you have nothing nice to say,here's another article that's got the internet fired up! Here's the article.

This gorgeous woman posted this fitspo picture hoping to provide inspiration to mums who might feel like because they have kids and are super busy, they don't have time to workout and can't be in great shape. She wanted other mums to know that it can be done and she's the proof! Along with support and encouragement, she also got a ton of criticism. Women said she was fat-shaming other women, that she was part of the problem and was trying to make others feel badly about themselves. Critics said she was setting unrealistic standards. And the worst one, people criticized her parenting skills, suggesting she was focusing too much on her "glamour muscles" and not spending enough time with her kids. 

Never mind the fact that her kids will likely have much more time with her over the long run because her health will help keep her around not only for them, but for their kids down the line. Never mind that at the time the picture was originally posted she made no mention of how much time she was spending getting fit (she confirmed in the article posted that it was about 6 hours a week TOTAL) and that many of the women criticizing her probably don't know that less is often more when it comes to gym time (quality over quantity). Never mind that her husband stays at home and helps with the kids after suffering a career ending injury while serving in the military, allowing her a bit of time for herself (which is NOT a bad thing). No, people saw something that they didn't believe they could achieve and they attacked.

Body shaming is bad no matter what you're talking about. Unless you've been hired as a trainer or nutritionist, what someone eats or how they train is not your business. And going on the internet and hiding behind a computer screen so you can act like a high-school bully is just pathetic.

If an image like this upsets you so much, you should ask yourself why? Are you truly concerned her kids are being neglected (they hardly seem unhappy or unhealthy or unloved)? Are you really seeing her say "fat people are bad" or did you just interpret it that way? Because it seems to me that most of this fit-shaming comes from a place of jealousy. And jealousy is always ugly.

How do you feel about fitspo?

Have you criticized someone because of their body?

Do you think fit-shaming is the new fat-shaming?

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