Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivated Monday - what's trending? Bad Posture!

This weekend, my husband and I were at ACL (Austin City Limits Music Festival) and we had a great time. We definitely indulged a fair bit but we were walking around a ton and fortunately, the portions were pretty small so we were able to try a bunch of stuff without feeling too stuffed!

One thing that we really noticed is a very specific trend.  Every where we turned, we saw young girls and women wearing the same outfit. It was an outfit I remember too clearly wearing in grade 6 and 7 and for the first time, I truly understand why my mum used to refused to wear trends she'd already worn the first time they were cool. Seeing trends come back around not only makes you feel a bit old, you are all to aware of how those same trends really look when you look back on pictures a few years later!  Every young woman seemed to be wearing the same uniform: cropped shirts, crochet tops, high-waist jean shorts and wait for the worst part...bad posture! Ok, the actual clothes are not my cup of tea but who cares! One of my favorite things about Austin is that no one seems to care what you're wearing.  It's very accepting and I like that because we should all wear what we love and feel good in, BUT the bad posture!?? I can't let that go!

(that's right, the Kelly Kapowski is back)

So many young women walking around with hunched shoulders and forward tilting pelvises and I just couldn't ignore that.  Bad posture is just bad - it looks bad but more importantly, it's bad for your health. You're setting yourself up for back pain, shoulder and neck issues and potentially even digestive issues (constant hunching leaves less room for your organs in your torso).  I used to really struggle with bad posture and I made a point of fixing it.  Here's the trick I used: anytime someone says your name, immediately pull your shoulders back and pull the shoulder blades down your back.  You don't want to thrust your chest out, overly arching your back - just pull your shoulders back and slide them down your pack and you've got good posture!  It's worth training yourself to check your posture because it's so crucial to your health and so much of what we do and how we live is not conducive to good posture (laptop use, driving, constantly staring at our phones).

You might one day see me give in to high-waist shorts and crop tops but I won't be giving in to bad posture!

What trends do you see happening?

Do you think about your posture much? 

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