Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remembering to rest

The last couple of weeks I've noticed that I have gotten bit obsessive with working out again. I found myself thinking about doing extra cardio to earn extra calories, or tacking cardio onto the end of workouts even when I had no cardio planned for the day or not taking rest days. My husband had been suggesting a rest day or two but I kind of ignored it even though in the back of my mind I was a little worried that I was slipping back into bad habits of working out too much and not giving my body time to heal or recoup.

Well if I wasn't going to listen to my own worries or even my husbands, my body was going to tell me what's what! On Monday I was sick (hence the lack of Monday post). Really sick. Like lying on the floor of the bathroom, crying sick. It took till today to actually feel mostly back to normal. I had woken up on Monday actually ready to take a rest day and I guess my body was just making sure that I really did take the rest day I needed! Although I feel mostly better today, I am going to actually listen to my husband and take another rest day today and be sure that I am 100% better.

In all honesty, I am glad I got sick (can't believe I am saying that with how awful I felt!) because it reminded me that taking it easy from time to time is a good thing. Cardio is not how you lose weight - eating right and building muscle is how you lose weight and rest is critical to keeping your diet tight and letting your body rest and rebuild.

I will do my best to remember this - don't wait till you're sick to take a rest day. Build rest days into your plan and enjoy them - your body will thank you!

Do you take rest days?

What signs does your body give you when it's just plain worn out?

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