Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When did you become fat? Part 3

Ok, enough on this topic (for now) except to say this - I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life emotionally. I don't see fat every time I look in the mirror. Are there things I want to improve? Yes. But at last I can actually see that I'm thin, strong and fit. I'm in great shape. I've run the Tough Mudder, the SeaWheeze, pressed 250lbs on a leg press, and bench pressed 80lbs (over half my own weight). Is it any coincidence that when I started to love my body, my body started really loving me back? Is it any coincidence that when I stopped calling myself fat, I stopped being fat, physically but also in my head, where it matters more?

Society sets all kinds of standards for us, but it's our choice if we follow them.  There is no one good or bad body type or size. No one way we're all supposed to look or act or be. 

Recently my mum and I were talking about how she wishes her legs were longer and I was able to say truthfully that I longer wished for things that I couldn't change. I can't be taller, or younger or have more tanned skin (I'm a ginger, it's a losing battle!). But I can run further. I can lift heavier. I can eat healthier. I can love myself enough to appreciate what I've got and I can challenge myself to change the things I can. 

I'm not fat. I'm not thin. Those are descriptions. I'm Julia. I'm sweet, but sarcastic. I'm a great wife (I hope). I'm smart but ditzy at times. I'm a good friend. I'm loyal. I'm determined. I am not defined by my body. My body is defined by me.

And just to make sure we all laugh a little today...

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