Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday - go humbly to the weights

A few weeks back, a fitness competitor I follow on Instagram (@leahpetersfitness) and on Facebook posted about the importance of being humble with regards to weight. She was in the process of lowering the amount of weight she was lifting in order to properly perform all moves and ensure muscle symmetry as she worked at building bigger muscles.

It got me thinking about my own form.  I think a lot of us love the thrill of lifting something we didn't realize we could.  But sometimes to get that heavier lift, we sacrifice form. On Monday, I lowered all my weights because I was a bit tired and as a result, it allowed me to see that I have been sacrificing form for heavier lifts. When I focused on form instead of weight, I got a way harder workout in that I would have otherwise. And trust me, I felt the burn the next day. I have been lifting heavy for my legs for awhile but not really feeling the burn the next day. Well after Monday, lighter weights but with correct form, my legs were jelly followed by super sore (that awesome sore that comes from a hard workout).

Bad form is a precursor to injuries and muscle asymmetry.  And muscle asymmetry is something that is very hard to correct (I am dealing with this right now as a result of always pulling my luggage with my right - 7 years as a flight attendant has given me wicked muscles on the right side of my back and left side of my chest but weak muscles on the left side of my back and right side of my chest - no bueno!)

I truly believe in challenging yourself and pushing yourself hard but form comes before function! If you're cheating your way through your weights just to get a heavier lift, you're cheating yourself. Lift with perfect form before heavier weights. Be humble and stay humble.

Have you ever lowered your weights to fix symmetry/form?

What's the craziest thing you've seen someone do at the gym?

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