Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Help - Get a Goal

Following up to Monday's goal setting post, this issue of Holiday Help is about the importance of goals.

A lot of people choose to set New Years Day as the goal day to start losing weight. Frankly, this idea sucks. It feeds into the "eat everything" mentality that prevails this time of year and helps contribute to the average 2lb weight gain that most people put on this time of year...and never take off! Clearly if the diet in January mentality worked, it would be no problem to lose that holiday weight. 

Instead of that arbitrary goal to lose weight, choose a more tangible goal that requires you to maintain at least some focus over the holidays. Sign up for a race. There's lots of Christmas time 5 and 10k races. Or set your sights on a longer run, a half marathon maybe. Maybe you've always wanted to do an obstacle course run...sign up now! Or set a goal of attending a fitness class twice a week from now till the end of January and reward yourself with new workout gear when you achieve that goal. 

Whatever your goal is, set it now. Tell people. Write it down. Make a plan of how to achieve it. Saying no to extra helpings and too many treats is WAY easier when the word no gets you closer to a goal you've set for yourself. It's the difference between I can't eat that (negative) and I choose not to eat that because I'm working on something bigger (positive). 

Having a positive reason to turn down second helpings and then insane amount of sweets that exist this time of year will help you avoid the holiday weight gain and remind you that you are capable of reaching any goal you set for yourself if you value your goal enough!

What are your goals for 2014?

What food is hard for you to resist this time of year?

Do you gain weight over the holidays?