Monday, November 18, 2013

Motivated Mondays - Goals and Holidays

Having a goal, long term or short term, can really help you choose your indulgences wisely and stay focused, especially through the holidays. 

I've talked about the importance of goals lots of times before but in a few weeks ill be announcing what feels like my biggest fitness goal yet. 

Although I'm not quite ready to annoy e this goal to the world (I want to have everything in place first), just knowing this plan is on the horizon made it easier to eat healthy this last month on the road, to drag my tired butt out of bed to the gym and to choose only indulgences that are really worth it to me (pizza, pizza is worth it to me). 

Oh and a side note, on the rare occasion that I get a Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich at the airport, I almost always get egg white, cheese and tomato on a whole wheat English muffin. But they have a jalapeƱo tea biscuit right now. That was totally worth the extra calories too! 

What are your goals for 2014?

What are you doing now to get you there?

What are you favorite indulgences?

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