Friday, November 22, 2013

The Return of Holiday Help!

Ok, apparently in all my traveling, training, and time zone switching, I thought I had posted this post already...and clearly I didn't! So even though I already posted another Holiday Help! post, I still wanted to post this one about where my idea for Holiday Help! came from and why I think staying healthy over the holidays is so important!

Last year I started a little series called Holiday Help! Knowing that especially in my new home, the US, there are a series of big eating holidays in a row, I wanted to tackle a few ways to get through the holiday season without sacrificing food and fun but also without setting yourself back after a year of healthy eating and exercising.

Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and all the parties and baking surrounding it!) and New Years Eve, there is a LOT of eating and drinking this time of year. When you add colder weather making exercising less appealing and drinking hot chocolate on the couch more appealing, it's no wonder people pack on a few pounds in the winter. I've read that people gain between 1 and 5 pounds over the holiday season which doesn't sound like much until you add that many people never lose that weight! Now that adds up!

So this year stay tuned for Holiday Help! where I'll cover everything from healthy baking, your best bet for drinks, the importance of goal setting, sneaky ways to fit in exercise in the cold months and much more. (And if you need a little more push to get through, I'm offering 10% off all my programs from now until December 25!!). 

So this year, lets enjoy the holidays without falling way off the healthy path. Stay motivated. Stay healthy! 

How do you stay fit during the holidays?

What are your must-eat treats? 

What are your holiday traditions?

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