Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Help - The Day After You Ate Everything!

Even with all the best laid plans not to overeat during the holidays, the odds are good that at least once you'll eat a few more carbs, calories and sugar-laden treats than you meant to. I know I probably will! So do you do after eating too much? How do you get back on track?

Well the first thing is get lots of water in! Most treats have more sugar and salt in them than the food we would normally eat and the best way to help move those toxins out of your system is with lots of water...and lots of peeing!

The next thing is put those carbs to work! The day after a big meal (or several big meals!) is the perfect day for some fasted cardio and some heavy lifts. Hit the gym early and make use of the glycogen stored in your muscles from all those tasty carbs you ate. Get your sweat on before you eat to really get the best use of that store glycogen. After you've had a chance to eat something, head back to the gym (if you can, if you need to combine these workouts into one, don't worry - just eat something small before you start) and aim for some heavy lifts. I like to do legs or back and chest together on this days because once again all those extra carbs are now in your muscles in the form of glycogen and that sets the stage for some heavy lifting and big gains. You'll have more energy than you normally do from the extra carbs so make use of that by going hard in the gym. I had a phenomenal workout on Saturday after two big days of eating and minimal exercise!

Next, don't starve! I know there's a temptation to eat little to nothing the day after indulging but all that does i set you up for a binge later. What I recommend is focusing on veggies and lean meats the next day. You probably don't much by the way of carbs but your body is primed for the nutrients that come from vegetables and the muscle building, energy power of protein. Eat a bit less than normal but do not starve!

So when you have an indulgent day, don't stress! Stress does not help you lose weight or go back in time and eat less! It actually just makes you store fat around your stomach...not exactly the goal here! All you've go to do is hydrate, sweat and eat well and you're right back on track to health!

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