Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Help - Eat Less. Eat Better

The holidays are fraught with high calorie foods and drinks and I often find myself thinking since I can only get this or that at this time of year, better eat up now!

But truthfully, many holidays foods can be consumed at any time. It's not like you can't make shortbread on a Tuesday in July. Or make a tasty stuffing for a bird on any given Sunday. You can drink Baileys year round. 

Why am I saying this? No, not to tempt you to eat high calorie, low nutrient food year round but to share a trick I use to break that all or nothing mentality that seems to accompany holiday eating. For some reason it often feels like if I don't eat this holiday goody right now, I will never get the chance again for a year. And a few things really are like that. Maybe your mum makes the best stuffing and only does it for Christmas. Ok, kickback and throw a reasonable portion on your plate. Maybe your aunt who lives across the country is the queen of pumpkin pie, fine, eat up. But convincing yourself that Ferroro Rocher is only available at Christmas and thus must be consumed in massive quantities is a weight gaining lie! So is the idea that cookies only get baked at Christmas. Or gravy is only at Thanksgiving. 

I'm not suggesting you eat everything or that you eat nothing. I'm suggesting you pick the best things, the tastiest or the most sentimental/emotionally connected treats and eat them with pleasure, knowing you didn't blow your whole days caloric intake on "holiday crap" that isn't really holiday at all. 

Eat less, eat better. And you'll feel better. 

What indulgences are worth it to you at the holidays? What can you do without?

Do you have a signature holiday dish you make?

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