Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Help! The Food Pusher

We all know this person...the one who insisnts you try everything, and then insists you go back for seconds. The person that says "can't you just eat one." The person who says "come on, live a little." The person who says "you used to be more fun." The person who says "you're too skinny." The person who says "come on, it's the holidays!" The person who says "you're being obessive."

This person is THE FOOD PUSHER! And the holidays are their time to shine. It's the time when we're all eating a bit more than usual. It's the time of long pants and heavy sweaters that easily hide a few extra pounds. It's the time of tons of cooking and baking and celebreating. But for those of us who want to stay healthy, fit and feeling good about ourselves, it is not the time to eat everything in sight just to make someone else feel good. Do you feel good when you've eaten way more than you need and your pants are busting and you're breathing heavy walking up one flight of stairs? I really, really don't.

I don't like hurting anyone's feeling, especially around the holidays. And food is love to a lot of people. But I am not afraid to say I don't want to eat more or I'm stuffed or no thank-you. I HATE feeling overly full. And I HATE how self-concious I feel when things don't fit right. So I am not afraid to say, nope, no thank you, not interested. I spend time with people I love around the holidays. That is how I show my love. Not indulging in everything isn't rude. You can eat a little bit of things you want too, say no to things you don't and you aren't being rude. Anyone who chooses to be offended by your decision to stay healthy over the holidays has their own stuff to deal with and you don't need to overhear to make them feel better. You have to eat in a way that makes you feel good.

So the next time a good pusher tries to shove another plate of high calorie food in your face, just politely say no thank you and font give it another thought. 

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