Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Help! A lot of days AREN'T holidays!

This time of year, there are so, so many parties and events but honestly, there are also a lot of days that are just regular days. Only regular days this time of year often still means cookies and chocolates around the office, a few more happy hours, and in general, a sense that we need to indulge a lot more than usual.

I'm going back to the idea of picking your favorites and ignoring the rest. No one is saying skip the mashed Bailey's on Christmas morning or the sugar cookies you look forward to at your family Christmas gathering each year. But on the regular days, the Monday through Friday days, just skip the crap that people push on you! Don't give in to that somewhat questionable Pot of Gold box of chocolate that is always around offices this time of year (is Pot of Gold just a Canadian thing...insert whatever brand you want here!). When a co-worker invites you out for happy hour, go, but stick to low-cal drinks and healthy food so that when the weekend comes and the real parties are happening, you can indulge a bit more without sending yourself way off track.

Remember, there was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas day (and maybe eve) and New Years - that's a max of 5 real eating occasions 2 month period. You can safely indulge on all those days IF you skip the extra treats the rest of the time. Don't get into that "well I'll be eating a big Christmas dinner so I may as well eat these extra cookies too" - NO, you might as well not! You've worked too hard all year to jump off the wagon at this point in the year! Stay strong!

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