Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Help! Plan your damage

There are 3 options when it comes to your weight. You can gain weight, you can lose weight or you can maintain your weight. This time of year, I highly suggest YOU decide which of those you are going to do.

Lose weight - ok, make a plan. How will you do this? Will you workout more? You'll need to pick where you'll indulge and where you'll cut back. You'll need to decide if alcohol can fit into your plan or not. You'll need to make the gym a priority over other things. You may need to skip a few events. But you can do this! I am doing this for the holiday season. How? Adding extra cardio, eating extra light and healthy on days when I don't have events going on, picking my indulgences at events and keeping the alcohol to a minimum.

Maintain your weight - ok, again, make a plan. If you keep your eating in check, you can probably maintain your weight even if the odd workout gets missed. If you add some extra workouts in, you can probably eat a bit more without gaining weight. Again, I suggest choosing your treats carefully and limiting alcohol but you've got more room for leeway than the "lose weight" group.

Gain weight - whoa, wait, what??? Plan to gain weight? Seriously? Yes, seriously. You can choose to accept a small gain (I say no more than 2-5lbs) and make a plan about how you're going to deal with that. For some people, this removes a ton of the stress surrounding the holidays and eating and actually ends up being a healthier choice than trying to lose or even maintain. The important thing is to keep the gain small and to make a plan about when the weight must be gone by. I like January 15 as the date to get the weight off because it stops it from becoming your usual weight and gives you two weeks to eat really light and healthy and get back to where you were pre-holiday. When I say eating light, I do not mean starving yourself! I mean you choose veggies, fruits and lean proteins and skip white foods like bread, sugar, potatoes etc for those two weeks until you're back to your pre-holiday weight. Planning for a small gain and how you'll deal with may just allow you enjoy the healthiest holiday yet!

Choose your goal, make a plan and enjoy the holidays!

What's your weight plan for the holidays?

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