Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Motivated Monday... um I mean Tuesday - Mantras

If, like me, you read a ton of fitness stuff, fitspo, fitness magazines, blogs etc, then you've probably also read that having a mantra is a great idea for those days when you need a little extra push. I have a bad habit of reading things like that and thinking oh yeah, what a great idea...for other people. But I don't have great follow through for myself. Well, this year that changes! If I am going to compete (and I am going to compete!), I need to use all the tools at my disposal to reach my goals. So the first thing I am adding in is a few mantras. Here are the ones I am using this month - they may change over the course of my contest prep depending on what my mind needs to hear in order to keep up with my body!

Focus on what YOU want.

Stay The Course.

Eye on The Prize.

Realize Your Dreams.

The biggest one for me is Stay The Course - when I have a bad moment, a weigh-in I don't like, a weak workout, an overly indulgent meal, I tend to be a bit gloom and doom. I'm all "what's the point?" and "why bother?" But the point is and the why bother is this - I WANT THIS! I want the body I know I am capable of achieving. I want to challenge myself and exceed all my limitations. I want to compete and compete well. So stay the freaking course. Focus on what I want and I will realize my dreams!

Do you use mantras?

What are yours?

Do you have trouble taking fitness advice?

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