Monday, January 6, 2014

Motivated Mondays - Contest Prep

I am officially in contest prep now (96 days out!) and I am thrilled so far with how on point I have been with my diet. Training hard has never been the hard part for me (although my trainer is pushing me even harder than ever) but eating on point often is. The second day of my contest prep, my in-laws were coming in to town for a visit and we were going out for dinner. Normally I would just scrap that meal and start again the next day but frankly, the knowledge that I am stepping on stage in a tiny bikini and stripper heels is keeping me very focused. I scoured the menu before we went, chose what I could have and then apologized profusely to the waiter before ordering an extremely personalized meal (6oz filet cooked with no fat, steamed veggies with no fat, baked acorn squash with no fat). The restaurant was incredibly accommodating and the meal was delicious! And I had no trouble skipping the fresh bread or the bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream that my family all split!

Making my contest prep food tasty is a must for me and by measuring, focusing on macros and experimenting, so far so good! This morning I am cheesy eggs for breakfast, yesterday I ate home made chicken tenders and zucchini sticks with my husband, had a cake (a protein mug cake that is) and the day before I made cinnamon coffee protein ice cream to get over missing out on the restaurants delicious smelling dessert. Measuring has helped remind me of portions but also has allowed to cut a little from here to indulge a little there. Pinterest is full of great, healthy ideas and with a little knowledge, you can make pretty much anything healthy.

I know I wouldn't be this focused without a goal. So often this time of year we hear people talking about losing weight and getting healthy but this is no specific goal or timeline. There is no plan in place on how to get there. That was me last year with the 2013 transformation challenge. I wanted to get fit and ripped but I didn't make a plan and thus the slightest thing would mess me up. This year, I have a goal and a plan to get there and it's already much, much easier to stick to my contest prep diet.

This is me 100 days out from my first bikini competition - stay tuned for more:

How are your New Years Resolutions going?

Do you plan for your goals?

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