Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivated Mondays

Well, I am just under 11 weeks out from my first show (Texas Shredder, Bikini division) and I have to say, I am really starting to see changes that make me happy. I can see definition in my arms and my abs and noticeably less cellulite on my legs. You know how they say you can't get rid of cellulite? Well you kinda can. Heavy weight lifting, a clean diet and a low body fat percentage will actually get rid of most of it. How's that for motivation?

There was a couple of weeks there where I wasn't sure how I felt about my body but my trainer assured me that in this type of transformation, there is usually an awkward period where your body looks a little weird. In fact, depending on where you lose weight from first, you can actually feel like you look fatter even though really, you've lost weight. I was skeptical but chose to believe him and stay the course and I am definitely happy I did!

I have been back at work and insanely busy but I am thrilled to report I haven't missed a single workout and my eating has been 100% on track! It hasn't been easy because I have been living out of a suitcase while I fly, crossing borders and carrying my lunch but so far, so good (eye on the prize I keep saying!) There have been 14 hour work days with 12 hour layovers when all I want to do is eat some restaurant meal and fall asleep but my goals are more important. I can get a good, hard workout in with just 20-30 minutes if I push myself to max and I can get a solid meal in by eating the foods I packed with me and still get a good night's rest. It's about priorities and this is mine right now!

(what I tell myself when I am exhausted)

What motivates you?

Do you need to see changes in order to stick to a weight loss program?

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