Saturday, January 4, 2014

Polar Loop - time to see what my workouts are really doing!

My house might be one of the most fitness oriented when it comes to Xmas gifts. If you've been following me for the part year, you know that Christmas 2013 I asked for and received a running belt and running socks and then proceeded to cry because earlier that day I had accepted that my hip was too injured to run the half marathon I had wanted all these goodies for. Fast forward to this year and I asked for (and received, I'm so spoiled!) a Polar Loop with heart rate monitor and a chip-up bar (I also got the cutest barbell ring from my husband!).

I've been wearing the Polar Loop for the past two days to track steps because I worried (and it turns out rightfully so) that on days when I don't work, I don't move that much. Sure I workout hard but then what? Between school, the blog, building a business and cuddling with Sean (my husband...obviously), I am not getting my minimum 10,000 steps in. My in-laws started using the FitBit last year to make sure they were moving and staying active and I think everyone assumed I didn't need to worry about that but I wasn't so sure. When I am at work, I am on my feet all day, but as I learned right away with the Polar Loop, that's not the case when I am at home. I definitely need to move more - fortunately this fits perfectly with my last post and all my new years resolutions.

Today I am adding the heart rate monitor into the mix. Why didn't I start using right away? Stupid reason...I have been training with my trainer for the last two days and he pushes me hard (which is good, it's why I pay him!) but I almost passed out once from a trainer (NOT THIS ONE!) that pushed me too hard and I still have that fear of how awful I felt coupled with the knowledge that I won't back down from a challenge so I will probably push myself too far again. Why does this matter? Because I was worried (probably unnecessarily) that having a strap around my chest, so close to my heart, would make me feel claustrophobic and thus fainty (that's a word I'm sure!) but that I'd be too proud to tell my trainer! So dumb but so true. So today I am doing my plyo day alone and I am going to bust this thing out and figure out exactly what I am burning during my workouts!

Oh and that chin up bar we also got this year? Pretty much our most used gift ever! My sister and her husband gave it to me and my husband and we're on that thing every day! It's right outside our spare bathroom which is near the main living space so we walk by it a lot and I've yet to see either of us walk by it and not do at least one pull up or chin up!

Do you use a heart rate monitor? What brand?

Ever used a pedometer? How many steps do you take?

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