Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The people who inspire you...

Who are they? Who motivates and inspires you? I have this wonderful friend (best of the best), Heather (I wrote about her last year rocking a bikini looking AH-mazing!) who always gets me amped up every time I see her. When we have lunch or hang out, I always walk away feeling like anything is possible, like so much is going on in my brain and I am unstoppable if I just go for my goals.

So it's hardly a surprise that it was a friend of hers who inspired me to go after my next big, totally scary, goal - a fitness competition. Heather had a birthday dinner last year and I just happened to actually be in Vancouver so I got to celebrate with her and meet her new circle of friends. Among these wonderful people was a woman named Dee who Heather had told me was also a fitness junkie. She was in prep for her first competition when we met and listening to her, following her on Instagram and on Facebook forced this goal that I had been thinking about but afraid to try back into the light.

When I announced I was actually going to do a show, I think Dee might have been one of my loudest supporters. We have literally only met the one time but we stayed in touch via Facebook and Instagram. Every picture I post of progress, she "likes" it right away. Dee immediately offered any help and support she could to me - I don't know anyone else who competes, I train at my apartment's gym so I am often alone and having someone who is cheering you on and has real experience in what you are doing, is invaluable! I am so grateful to have Heather as my friend and so appreciate that she introduced me to Dee!

Who inspires you?

How have you supported someone in a new fitness or health goal?

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