Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Great Read - what fitness/health mistakes are you making?

This article was posted by someone I follow on Facebook and I think it's a really interesting read.  Take a look...but in a nut shell, there are some fairly universal mistakes we all make in the health/fitness regime (and I am not talking about the obvious mistakes like starving yourself to lose weight!) and this article has some great tips on not continually making those same mistakes.

A couple things that really came to mind for me:

1) You can easily be too educated about fitness.  I am totally guilty of this - I love reading about health and fitness (which is good), but I hate textbooks (bad) so I tend to read a lot of short articles and tidbits of info and don't always get the context but what I do get is overwhelmed with conflicting info.  In reality, I might want to think about reading less but reading better (if that makes sense) and then using my own common sense and knowledge of my own body to implement what works for ME.  It's easy to just end up super overwhelmed without any real knowledge or know-how about how to implement everything you've read about.

2) There is no ONE right way.  Every body is totally different.  We can learn from each other but emulating each other is pointless.  Experiment, seek knowledge, ask for help but find your own path.

3) No one knows you as well as you do.  This applies to fitness but also to your health in general.  If you feel something not right during your workout, do not ignore it or let a trainer tell to push through - YOU do know the difference between pain and discomfort and you shouldn't ignore that.  In medicine, you know better than anyone what is normal for YOU - don't allow anyone, not even a doctor, to dismiss what you know isn't right (even if you don't exactly know why it's not right).

4) Don't put off your workout but also, don't let it come between you and your social life.  I'm not suggesting you opt for drinking your face off instead of breaking a sweat.  But I do think you can recruit your friends for a hike or wake up early to run before socializing so you can fit it all in.  Don't miss important events for the gym or because you're afraid to eat - it takes way more than one missed workout or one indulgent meal to undo your daily hard word.

Those are the big ones for me and the ones I have to keep reminding myself of all the time.

What fitness lessons have you learned? 

 What are the biggest mistakes you've made in your health journey?

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