Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Contest Update - Cracks in the Veneer

When I decided to compete in my first fitness competition, the Texas Shredder April 2014, I anticipated that the journey to the stage would be hard one. I imagined small, boring meals and brutal workouts. To be honest, for the first weeks, I found it easy, almost too easy. With some thought and planning, I could still enjoy tasty, albeit slightly smaller meals (although even the size didn't seem drastically smaller than my usual meals) and although the workouts have been tough, they have been incredibly rewarding. I was sticking to my meal plan in a way I haven't been able or willing to commit to in years. I felt great.

Then I felt terrified. I don't know what hit me. I wanted carbs. I wanted easier workouts. I wanted not to care anymore. I wanted to never have imagined how great it would feel to have the best body I could possibly sculpt. I wanted to eat without thinking about it, like so many other healthy people (healthy, but not ripped, which is what I am going for - ripped requires thinking about 99% of everything you eat, healthy only needs about 80-90% of your thought).

For the first time since I started prep, I went off plan. I ate more than I had planned too and I ate more carbs. I ate junk. Now, I didn't throw everything away. I still burned more calories every day than I ate. I still pushed at my workouts. I still measured. I just didn't do it quite as seriously as I had been. This lasted 3 days and truthfully, it made me question whether I had any business competing in a fitness competition.. In the past, it might have been the end of my journey. Not this time.

I got back on track. How? Positive self-talk. Booking appointments with my trainer. Prepping food. More positive self-talk. Realistically looking at how far my body had come and how close I am to being stage ready. Taking pride in what I am working towards. More positive self talk. Believing in myself. Trusting that I will feel awesome when I am stage ready. Trusting that anything less than full achievement of this goal will leave me feeling let down and disappointed. Oh and did I mention positive self-talk?

How do you get past a set-back?

How much time do you spend planning and prepping meals?

What deraisl you? What gets you back on track?


  1. You are what often gets me back on track. Seriously. Your positive talk and posts make me realize that today is just that...today and if I have a bad one well there is tomorrow. Thank you

    1. You of all people certainly know how long it's taken me to get to the point where I can talk myself out of the negativity. Each day truly is a fresh one - it's entirely up to us what we bring in with us from the day before.