Monday, February 3, 2014

Motivated Mondays - 10 weeks out

This past Saturday marked 10 weeks out from my first show, the Texas Shredder. So far, the prep has been going well. I haven't been finding the diet too hard to stick to and the workouts are tough, but really rewarding. I know as I get closer, it's only going to get harder but the sense of accomplishment is awesome.

I read somewhere years ago that when we tell ourselves that we are going to lose weight, or get healthy, or tackle a challenge of any kind, and then we don't follow through, we actually teach our minds not trust ourselves. And then every time we set a new goal, we are a little less likely to follow through because subconsciously, we don't believe in ourselves and we don't trust ourselves to follow through. I wish I could remember more about where I read this and the science (if there is any) behind this. But regardless, it makes sense to me. I think of people who say "this Monday I will be serious about my diet" and by Monday afternoon, the diet is an after thought. I don't know about you but I've found that the more times people promise to start a diet or health journey, the less likely they are to succeed. We can argue about whether that's the chicken or the egg coming first but I do know it gets easier to accept yourself quitting the more times you do it.

But, I also think we can change this. By holding myself accountable, through this blog, through my trainer, by asking my family and friends to support this goal and by actually taking personal responsibility for how I handle this process, I find myself believing more in my ability to accomplish this. Each day that I don't deviate from my plan and each day that I move myself closer to my goal, it gets a little easier to see the end goal and visualize success. I can almost feel the trust in myself growing each day.

What does this mean for me? It's left me wanting to be more careful about what I commit to and how I commit to it. I want to pause before I say I am going to do this or that and think, do I really want too? Are the sacrifices for this goal worth it? Will the end result leaving me feeling great? If I am not sure that I care enough or am dedicated enough to a particular goal to follow through, hard times and all, I want to skip that goal, or at least give it a lot more thought so I am not wasting willpower, focus and time on things that don't matter. And so I am not training my brain and my subconscious to question my decisions. I want to ensure that I trust myself and the way to build that is to keep my word to myself.

I think of the SeaWheeze half marathon last year. Yes, I did finish it but I hated the process of getting there until I was actually running the race. What if I had taken the time to visualize the process, the ups and downs and the outcome? I feel confident that the visual of me standing at the end of the race would have left me feeling great. The ups and downs would have been more expected, still challenging but an accepted part of the bargain for reaching a tough goal. I know, without a doubt, that if I had not finished that race, and the Tough Mudder, if I had allowed myself to quit because I was too scared or it was too hard, I would not have the confidence to pursue my goal of competing in NPC bikini. I wouldn't trust myself to have the follow through.

So next time you think you want to accomplish something, take the time to ask yourself why? Is it worth it? Is the struggle going to be worth the end goal? Are you certain this is what you want for yourself? Is the pain the pain you want? Because if it isn't, save your willpower and determination for what is. Teach yourself to trust yourself again.

Do you believe bailing on goals causes you to distrust yourself?

Have you committed to goals you didn't really care about?

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