Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivated Mondays - Crunch Time

I am now less than 7 weeks out from my first fitness competition. I have been alternating between feeling really focused and happy with results I am seeing and being plagued with doubt that I can actually do this.

For today's Motivated Monday post I wanted to take the time to remind myself why I want to do this competition and what it means to me:

1) I want to know exactly what I can accomplish with my body if I dedicate myself.

2) I've wanted a body I feel truly proud of for a long time and this is the road to where I want to be.

3) Achieving this goal has been a long time coming.

4) I committed to being on stage and I want to feel comfortable and like I belong on stage with the other ladies.

5) I've been feeling a lack of focus in a lot of areas of my life and this is an area that I can really control.

6) I want to have my best body for summer bikini season.

Some of my reasons are shallow and others are about being true to how I feel and what I want to accomplish. When I feel down or overwhelmed by this goal, I remind myself why I want to do this and how I will feel when I accomplish this goal. Seeing my reasons written down, even the superficial ones, help me stay focused when it gets hard. I am about to hit the road for work again and I think it's important to be as focused as possible while I am travelling so I continue to progress at this critical time.

Some photos that inspire me:

What are your reasons for getting healthy?

Do you write them down or just keep them in your head?

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