Monday, February 17, 2014

Motivated Mondays - how to make food taste awesome!

Everyone has been asking me how it's been sticking to such a strict diet, and I usually just reply oh, not that bad or eye on the prize or something like that. At a wedding we attended this weekend, someone I don't know too well asked me if it was all worth it with a kind of snarky undertone to it. I wanted to snap back "well look at how I look - you tell me if it's worth it!" but that seemed rude and not necessary! But at that moment my husband jumped in and said well, Julia actually plans for small amount of treats she really likes and then enjoys the shit out of that treat. Aside from me loving him even more for saying that, for pointing out that this isn't so crazy that I am missing out on life or all my favorite foods, I also loved just how true that statement was.

The fact is, when you eat junk and treats all day, they stop being treats. They stop being special. About a year ago my husband and I vowed to do our best to avoid eating out unless we had planned to go out and enjoy a nice meal together, rather than just running out for something, anything, because we hadn't planned ahead. Now, when we do out, it's a treat. We get a little dressed up. We don't worry if we've chosen a more expensive entree. We don't worry if we want a drink or dessert. Because it's a treat. Because it's not every day.

So you want to know how to make your favorite treat foods taste even better?? Don't eat them all the time! Plan indulgences into your diet. Prepare for them. Think about them. Anticipate them. Because then when you do indulge, it feels great! And tastes even better!

(what I probably looked like! ^)

(Last week, I ate the best piece of pizza I think I have ever had. I had carbs, and fat left to eat and I had budgeted my calories and macros to be able to have a slice of pizza at dinner with friends. I think I enjoyed that one slice of pizza more than the other 3 people I had dinner with enjoyed their burgers...combined!)

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