Monday, February 10, 2014

Motivated Mondays - need inspiration? Turn on the TV!

Is anyone not watching the Olympics? I know these Olympics have been surrounded by controversy and while I thought about boycotting them because my views are so not in line with many of Russia's views, I just couldn't pass up the amazing athleticism. While I do wish Russia had more modern, humane views on gays and lesbians, a less callous attitude towards animals and a bigger desire to care for their own people instead of spending millions to showcase Putin, the respect I have for both the athletes who've put their time in and their families who've made sacrifices every step of the way draws me in to the Olympic excitement every time!

I love the Olympics because you get to see sports you probably would never otherwise watch (when was the last time you hurried home to catch the decathlon?) and you get to see athletes who have dedicated their lives to sport stand on the world's biggest stage. It's full of triumph and defeat, amazing athletic feats and heartbreaking falls. The Olympics are truly captivating.

I rarely say to turn on the TV to find motivation to live a healthy life but for the next two weeks, you can't beat the Olympics for fitness motivation.

What sports do you love to watch?

What is your must-see winter Olympic sport? (hockey for me!)

Who are you cheering for? (Canada, obviously!)

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