Friday, March 28, 2014

Just say no.

Over the course of my prep for the Texas Shredder competition, I imagined myself having to say no to a lot of things. I thought I wouldn't go out for dinner or attend any celebrations because I figured I'd be eating chicken and broccoli out of a cooler bag. In fact, during the prep, my sister-in-law got married, my husband turned 30, my sister had a birthday and we ate out with friends occasionally.

I never found myself having to say no - I just modified what I ate and how I worked out on those days to allow for bigger, less controlled meals. But this week, that changed. My husband's friend is getting married exactly one week before my show. And I said no, I can't attend. Honestly, I feel badly. I know my husband wants me to be there. This is a friend of his I haven't met and really want too. And I LOVE weddings! But one week out I can't be in a situation where I don't control what food I'll have access to, or what gym I'll be able to go to. I also felt that being around tempting food and alcohol when I am carb-depleted and pushing myself the hardest I ever have what just asking for trouble.

If I was training for a competition that more people understood - a marathon, a triathlon, a big sports game - I think people would understand better. I think they wouldn't judge or question my decision to skip things because I need to stay focused. But I think for a lot of people, fitness competitions are either glorified beauty contests or freak shows. They don't get it. And I understand that. Which is why I have to stand up for my goals and my expectations for myself.

I've come this far - I am two weeks out from my first show and I refuse to let other people's views or opinions change how I handle my prep. I am allowed to have goals that are just mine and it's OK if sometimes those goals take precedence over other people's plans. I am allowed to prioritize myself and what I am working on right now. I am allowed to want this, the show, the body, more than I want to attend every event.

So #sorrynotsorry but I am saying no.

Do you find saying no hard?

Do the people around you support and respect your goals?

What do you skip in order to reach your goals?

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